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      1.A year later,with the nation‘s economy ________, Bush’s approval rating dropped below 40 percent.
      A. in power
      B. in trouble
      C. in hand
      D. in part
      2.There is the appreciation of the salient historical truth ________ the aging of advanced societies has been a sudden change.
      A. which
      B. what
      C. that
      D. how
      3.Robots differ from automatic machines ________ after completion of one specific task,they can be reprogrammed by a computer to do another one.
      A. in case
      B. in that
      C. in which
      D. in time
      4.Basically,these attitudes amount to a belief ________ leisure can and should be put to good use.
      A. which
      B. that
      C. what
      D. how
      5.The professor worked for 7 hours at a ________.
      A. stretch
      B. extend
      C. expand
      D. prolong
      6.If an earthquake occurred,some of the one-storey houses ________.
      A. might be left stand
      B. might leave to be standing
      C. might be left to stand
      D. might be left standing
      7.________, he had no time to rest.
      A. As he was tired
      B. If he was tired
      C. Tired as he was
      D. Now that he was tired
      8.Since we have a focused subject, we should not talk ________.
      A. at once
      B. at hand
      C. at intervals
      D. at random
      9.Why do you blame him for his poor judgment on the matter ______ he really needs is encouragement?
      A. when that
      B. since that
      C. when what
      D. now that
      10.The doctors are ________ about the guidelines under which they can carry out euthanasia.
      A. at a stretch
      B. at a loss
      C. at random
      D. at length
      11.With such a poor score in the entrance exam, it‘s ________ impossible for him to be admitted to this university.
      A. roughly
      B. absolutely
      C. fully
      D. exclusively
      12.We promise that we‘ll meet again after we _______ our college education in three years’ time.
      A. finish
      B. will finish
      C. finished
      D. will have finished
      13.Although Tom is satisfied with his academic achievement, he wonders _______ will happen to his family life.
      A. it
      B. that
      C. what
      D. this
      14.Never before _______ so rapidly developing as it is today.
      A. has our country been
      B. our country has been
      C. has been our country
      D. our country hasn‘t been
      15.Is it Shakespeare Theatre _______ you are going to watch the play The Merchant of Venice?
      A. where
      B. that
      C. which
      D. as
      16.He would have given you more help, if he ________ so busy.
      A. have not been
      B. had not been
      C. not have been
      D. not had been
      17.After months of voyage, Columbus arrived in ______ later proved to be a new continent.
      A. where
      B. which
      C. what
      D. that
      18.I was really anxious about you. You ______ home without a word.
      A. mustn‘t leave
      B. shouldn’t have left
      C. couldn‘t have left
      D. needn’t leave
      19.He was ______ to withdraw from running for the presidency.
      A. trusted
      B. credited
      C. convinced
      D. believed
      20.While _____ the book, he nodded from time to time
      A. reading
      B. read
      C. is reading
      D. is read
      1.正确答案:A 答案解析:[译文] 对立面领导人将会仔细地看着首相如何控制危机。
      [试题分析]动词词义选择题。[详细解答] A 应付,对付,控制 B 引导,进行,实施 C 观察,监测,遵守 D 指导,监督
      2.正确答案:D 答案解析:[译文] 她花了几秒钟时间使眼睛适应***。
      [详细解答] A 分配,拨出 B 收养,过继C 应用,申请 D 调整,使适合
      3.正确答案:C 答案解析:[译文] 约翰为了写完他的小说,正在寻找一个摆脱外界干扰的环境。
      [试题分析]介词选择题。[详细解答] free from… 使人摆脱…,不受…的,没有…的
      4.正确答案:D 答案解析:[译文] 事实上,约翰逊在参选总统职位之前是个无名人士。
      [试题分析](形近的)副词词义区分题。[详细解答] A 显然,明显地 B 外表上,直观地C 垂直地,直立地 D 实际上,事实上
      5.正确答案:B 答案解析:[译文]志愿者宁愿坐火车去而不愿开汽车去。
      [试题分析]语法题。[详细解答]would rather 或 would sooner 的意思都是“宁愿”,其后要求直接用动词原形。 如果后边是that引导的从句,那么要求用过去时动词表示尚未发生的动作,用过去完成时动词表示对已经发生的动作的某种愿望。
      We would rather talk about football or the weather.
      I would rather you came tomorrow.
      I would sooner you had gone there too.
      6.正确答案:C 答案解析:[译文]警察正在寻找两个失踪的孩子。
      [试题分析]短语意义区分题。[详细解答] A (在书中)查找 B 仔细查阅,审查,(对某人)视而不见 C 调查,研究,查问 D.观看,旁观,看待
      7.正确答案:B 答案解析:如果你试图一次学太多东西,你就有可能糊涂了。考查形近形容词意义区分题。 A .浓缩的,专心的 B 糊涂的,混淆的 C 根深蒂固的 D 确信的
      8.正确答案:B 答案解析:当你的朋友吵架时,你应当帮助他们协调一下。考查短语的习惯用法。come into 或 come to 都表示进入(某种状态)A 映入眼帘 B 达成协议,妥协 C 开始运作 D 上台,开始掌权
      9.正确答案:C 答案解析:现代经济学是国家农业政策的基础。考查形近动词词义选择题。 A 经历,经受 B 了解 C 成为…的基础 D 承担,保证
      10.正确答案:B 答案解析:我昨天晚上写一个报告,否则我就不会熬夜了。考查副词词义选择题。 A 然而,不过 B 否则,要不然 C 因此,所以 D 再者,而且
      15.正确答案:A答案解析:where引导的定语从句修饰先行词Shakespeare Theatre.此处并非强调结构,将“Is it去掉后,可以看出,这个句子缺少介词,所以,如果在原句中Shakespeare Theatre的前面加上介词in或at,则成为强调句。
      17.正确答案:C答案解析:注意,本句话并非定语从句,而是宾语从句。因为在介词in 后面,应该用what引导的宾语从句,what在宾语从句中作主语。